Friday, May 6, 2011

biking and blacking out

I'm heading up to beautiful Yorktown, VA for the next three weeks. Hans gifted me with an awesome bike rack so I will be able to take the Giant with me without it taking up my whole trunk! I'm weirdly excited about this trip... the last time I spent an extended amount of time in Yorktown, I got my first taste of distance running. A guy in my class was training for a half marathon and he invited me and my friend Dana out on a run. I was very skeptical of my own abilities, but we held a really comfortable pace for 8 miles and I loved it. The next thing I knew, Dana and I were out there several times a week and we wrapped up our four week course with an invigorating 10-miler. This was about a year and a half ago, and I still remember it for how good of shape I was in! And also for how wasted I got with my classmates stationed in Norfolk 8)

Yes, the last time I was in Yorktown, I also got my first taste of Firefly sweet tea vodka. Oh boy... that stuff is too amazing! I spent lots of time with friends on Granby St. drinking as fast as I possibly could because the bars close at 1am or some crazy hour like that. So it was a race to the place, and I was three sheets to the wind faster than you could say Tik Tok and then it was like Boom Boom Pow flashing lights lights lights lights and sticky club shoes the whole rest of the night. And then it was badly hungover and eating spaghetti sandwiches, waiting for the room to stop spinning.

Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to working out a lot and getting even more familiar with the bike and partying with my buds. I'm kind of apprehensive about not being able to do yoga, but it might be a nice break. I had a totally soul-crushing class on Monday. I felt sick to my stomach the entire 90 minutes and a couple of times, I actually saw the edges of my vision start to blur and darken like I was going to pass out. I took a couple of sitting breaks and didn't exert myself any more than I had to in order to look like I was working. It was totally pathetic. One of those "I hate this, I will never come back" kind of days. And then when I went yesterday, it was terrific. I held the head to knee the entire time, all four times, and my back was super strong. I didn't even think about the heat or my heart rate. I was weirdly comfortable.

So it should be a nice three weeks in Virginia. Biking on the weekdays, blacking out on the weeknights. Ready or not!