Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby girl!

I meant to write about a few things over the weekend. Let me just breeze through the highlights so I can cut to the awesome part :)

1) Finished my final long training run for the marathon! I ran 20 miles from Daphne, through Montrose and Fairhope, to Point Clear, and then back to Fairhope. I wanted to show a map of this run because I'm pretty proud of it, but I'm blogging from my phone and that might be a bit much for this ol' iPhone to handle. The run was TOUGH. Much harder than my previous long runs and I think that was partially due to the awesome hills of the Eastern Shore and maybe the 16 mi run that I did less than a week before this one. My friend Sam ran the last half of the run with me and thank goodness, because I really needed the company! Now I just have to heal up and maintain my fitness for the marathon on March 4th!

2) I ate a lot of amazing food this weekend. Xiaobin and Melissa came to Mobile and we hit up this incredible jazz brunch on Sunday morning. Here is a list of things that I ate: eggs Benedict, bananas foster French toast, lasagna (such an amazing breakfast item), king cake pastries (almost choked on one of the babies), scrambled eggs, bacon, and a waffle. If you think this is stupid excessive, allow me to offer an excuse. I was pretty nauseous and icky all day Saturday (after my run) so this was the first real meal I had in 24hrs. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

3) I watched the Super Bowl last night (duh) and came home and chatted with my Hans about our plans for St. Pete next weekend. We were really looking forward to running the 1/2M but not sure what to do because my sister was looking like she might be ready to go into labor sometime soon. Seconds after I got off the phone with Hans, Joann called me and told me that her water broke! I threw some stuff in a backpack and arrived in Slidell, LA at around 2am. I was really scared of what it would be like in the deliery room and what my sister would be like but the atmosphere was not chaotic at all; it was very quiet and focused. It was such a blessing to see my sister and brother in law work as a team to deliver our baby girl. I was floored by how strong and serene my beautiful sister was through her labor and how nurturing and encouraging Ben was to Joey. I wanted to step in and hold Joann's hand and help her push an be part of the action, but it was Ben and Joann's show and all they needed was each other. Lily McCrae was born at 6:05am today. She is such a precious thing! She's goofy like her daddy and sweet and good-natured like her mommy. She's nursing beautifully and great at napping. I don't have a lot of experience with babies, but Lily seems like an awesome one :)

I'm an aunt!


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    1. Thanks! I'm feeling kiiinda burnt out so I think I WILL enjoy the taper! :)

  2. 20 MILES!!! WOO HOO GO YOU!! I am so nervous, I am going to do my first one in 2 weeks from now...:( yikes! I signed up for a 20 mile race hoping to would get me through it. You must feel glad it is done :)

    ALSO congrats being an aunt :) so exciting and your story touched my heart. She loooks SOOOO much like you it is crazy :) My sister and I were talking about it over vaca!

  3. Jamie, you will do GREAT! I love that you are taking your longest runs to the next level by racing them. I can't wait to read about your experience :) I'm glad that it's done, but I'm nervous that I did it too early... 4 weeks before the marathon. Oh well. I don't think I really had a choice!

    Thanks for the congrats! Lily is such a cutie pie. We have all just gone nuts buying stuff for her, especially my mom! When I was a baby, I was lucky to have on more than a diaper and little Lily wears Calvin Klein! What in the world?! <3