Tuesday, December 13, 2011

giving this a second chance

So I guess I haven't posted a while! The funny thing about this blog is it totally helped me get over my fear of the 188 miles, but it made me terrified to have my writing out in public for the world to see. There are a few things that I am super self conscious about- and even though writing is my oldest pasttime, sharing what I write has always made me uncomfortable. I guess ultimately, this blog was scarier to me than my bike ride from Seattle to Vancouver. I'm SO GLAD that I didn't give up on the RSVP (which was an amazing experience... maybe I'll write about it another day) but I wish I would have stayed true to writing about my progress.

Today, I was reading Jamie Tomc's marathon training blog and her writing totally inspired me to pick this thing back up. I don't think that I need it to stay accountable to my workouts or fitness goals, but it maybe is a tool that I can use to stay accountable to my writing. I don't know Jamie, but I'm getting to know her through her writing and I am so impressed with her drive and with her heart (not to mention her athleticism!). She is training for a marathon in April to honor and support loved ones who have fought the battle of cancer. Jamie is raising money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Tis the season, my friends!


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  1. Hey girl!! yay so excited that you are getting back into blogging. I was the same way when I started to write, but I figure it is for me to be able to look back on my experience and if other people want to read it then so be it! I stumbled upon this and I am so going to follow your blog now! It definitely has kept me more accountable for writing. Good luck :) Can't wait to read more!! :o)