Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fat, fat, fatty

I spent the long weekend in beautiful Ferndale, WA. Hans and I had made plans to do an 8 mile run on Saturday and a 5 mile run on Sunday BUT it snowed all weekend!!! So for once, we had an excuse to be lazy! We stayed in and watched lots of movies and ate delicious food and didn't feel bad one bit.

Lunch at Luna Park Cafe in West Seattle
Tell me, have you ever seen anything more sexy?

I got home late last night and had all kinds of wacky dreams (maybe from the spam musubi I had on the flight to Atlanta...) and woke up feeling like I might be drunk. I had to rush to make it sort-of-on-time to work and I forgot three ESSENTIAL things that I NEVER forget: breakfast, coffee, cell phone. Spent a good part of the day sneaking into different break rooms for a cup o' joe... because if the same people notice you go into the same break room for coffee six times before noon, they might think you have a problem, see???...

Got five miles in on the treadmill after work. I did it nice and easy at a 10:00 pace because I'm going to attempt the elusive 18-miler tomorrow afternoon. That is, if it ever stops dumping rain outside. I have never, ever seen it rain like it rains in the Gulf. I lived in a RAINFOREST for 16 years, and it rains way more severely here. Crazy.

Anyway, I'm beat. Nighty-night.


  1. OMGGGG I love brunch/breakfast. This just made me hungry!

  2. favorite meal of the day!! Luna Park serves breakfast all day AND makes the best milkshakes I've ever had in my life. Heaven is a place on earth, and it is in West Seattle.