Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bikram yo-yo

I've been doing (practicing?) Bikram yoga since the first part of this year. I went with one of my best gal pals, Laura, to a studio in Portsmouth, NH and every woman there looked like a beach volleyball player, so I guess I stuck with it.

It's been a pretty rad journey. I really didn't buy into the mystical-medicinal aspects of it initially, but after four months... gosh, I sleep like a rock and poop twice a day. Neither of these things were normal for me, pre-Bikrara. ALSO, I ran a half-marathon last weekend and this was all I did to train- a long run (maybe 8 miles) every two weeks, a couple of short runs (2-4 miles) when I was able to convince myself, and Bikaroni twice or thrice a week. I didn't run awesome or anything, but I maintained a sub 10min/mile pace and felt fucking fantastic at the end of it. Sure my knees and ankles hurt like a bitch the next day because I didn't prep them for all that impact, but whatever!

Anyway, I'm a total Bikyumm believer now. And it's crazy that those 26 postures can feel so different, from one class to the next.

Somedays, I feel like I belong in the front row of class "with my smiling, happy face"

Other days, I totally lose my shit. 

I may not look like a beach volleyball player yet but uhhh that's totally not my goal anyway.

 I mean, who wants to look like this? 


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  1. Damn McCrae, sub 10 min/mile is amazing. I'm trying to run a half in another couple weeks, but i'm now where near that fast and have a stupid knee injury to nurse. Good luck with your bike ride, and cute blog!!