Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hip Satchel

I wore my fanny pack *ahem* hip satchel on my bike ride yesterday. I did it because I am too cheap to buy one of those under the seat bike bags (yes I know Bell makes one for < $10... I'll do it next paycheck) and I needed something to carry my duty phone, iPhone, driver's license, and credit card. You know, in case I got an urgent duty call and decided to do a "dive bar" google search and go drinking instead. Come on people, this is a practical damn fashion accessory. 

Observe- my hip satchel. And small but noticeable stain from eating curry right before I took this picture (wow, am I really this cool?)

I had a Skype date with my very good friend Frank tonight whereupon I filled him in on my life's happenings, which of course included me training for this bike ride. Then I told him about my hip satchel, to which he reacted in the following manner:

And proceeded to say words to the effect of- "Fanny packs were started by people who needed to carry a medium amount of things, without the inconvenience of holding them. Later, it became a fashion accessory for both undesirable-looking and undesirably-shaped people."

Is it really that bad? Really?


  1. I own two fanny packs and they are very practical for wade fishing. I also use it when I frisbee golf (or disc golf). We have to carry a ton of crap these days. I already weigh 235lbs adding these unnessary items makes for a real bummer when your trying to go anywhere without a car. awesome posts MacKrizzle. keep it up

  2. Great post McCrae, but might I offer a suggestion? I think you should add a visor to your getup. I think a visor/fanny pack combination would really bring you from an 8 to a 10! And I know this goes without saying but your sunglasses had better be secured with one of those lanyard necklaces to keep them from falling to their death on the brutal unforgiving pavement :) Luv u!

  3. Jesse- thanks for supporting my fashion choices.
    Laura- alas, I would love to wear a dorky visor to go with my dorky biking outfit, but I already have to wear a dorky helmet... :-/
    Maybe I could find a way to wear the visor on top of the helmet?